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In the land of water I found greens…

“Hi, I am a Nair and I am a vegetarian”, well, that is how I introduce myself most of the time when I am at the food table with fellow new foodies. It can be observed that there is always one among in a group of foodies who has to be a vegetarian for some odd reason. I end up being that odd one.

Recently, I visited the land of beaches and coconut palms- Goa. I had done my homework well in advance. With 12 hours in hand for fun and folic I had kept aside 6 hours only for hogging and off course for sipping some very good cheap alcohol. I wish I could have spent all the 12 hours sitting by this beach side restaurant called Brittos at Baga beach.

Brittos is the liveliest eat out place at Baga. You step into Brittos and you will get to see nicely done sit outs, old rough wall hangings and the beautiful aqua-space right in front of you. The first look of itself impressed me. I chose to go on the right day too – a lazy Sunday afternoon. There was too much of pleasant elements in the air. I shook myself so that I could order some really good ‘vegetarian’ food. I thought it would be the toughest part of my visit to Goa, but I was surprised.


While scrolling down options from the menu I saw some really good vegetarian options. Without wasting any time I ordered for the ‘Veg- Lasagna’ and to go with it I called for Vodka with spirit. Bliss is the word I will use to describe the first bite of the ‘Veg- Lasagna’. My considerate colleagues who had accompanied me called for ‘Veg-Noodles’ tossed in BBQ sauce. It did taste good but more importantly it did taste like Chinese food.


I played it safe. Didn’t experiment with the local cuisine; I think I could take a risk in a place like Brittos. Well, there is more to the experience that I had at Brittos.

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The sweet end to meal here is worth a special mention. Let me put it this way, you have one life, pack your bags one day end up going to Brittos to taste their Mango mousse because it is worth it. The finest dessert I had in a long time. For me that was the biggest win.

So all the vegetarians out there, don’t you worry because in the land of water I found a place that serves really good greens. All you have to do it pack your bags, plan wise and have loads of time in hand than anything else.

Final verdict: Ambience: 5/5 | Food: 4/5 | Value of money: Keeping the standards of Goa it is priced a bit high but totally worth it if you are a vegetarian with limited options | Will I recommend it to my friends: YES!

(Review by Priyanka Nair)

Author: TBS Contributor

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