Going Desi Deli – Review

A great start to the day ensures a happy mood to take you through the day. And what better way than eating some really delicious breakfast. A lot of restaurants are catching up with their special breakfast menu these days, but nothing peaks beyond eggs, pancakes and waffles.

More or less, everything served everywhere is pretty much the same. Until you explore this pint-sized place in a lane in Bandra. They call themselves as Desi Deli. Located near Bandra Reclamation, this tiny bright eatery is known for its unique and delicious choices of breakfast. Resting right opposite preferred choice like Salt Water Café, this place has many things to offer than the mundane morning menu.

Take the Waah Waah Brekky for instance. This popular dish has been getting their customers chattering over and again about it. After all, anything with Pork Sausages and Bacon is worth a talk, isn’t it?

Waah Waah Brekky
This nutritious wholesome breakfast layered in a beer mug is a little more than inviting. The glass-full of awesomeness includes oats, scrambled eggs, spinach, artisanal sausage & gravy served along with their special buttermilk biscuit and bacon strip. What’s even more interesting is that while most people don’t have the time to sit through a breakfast, this Brekky comes in a take-away glass for you to relish it on the go. If you are still wondering how it tastes, you will fall short of words to express… Just dig in, we recommend!

Next up was the Brekky Dog! Served with a choice of Chicken or Pork sausages, topped with scrambled eggs and their house Deli ketchup, along with garlic mushrooms, this version of their Hot Dog is undeniably sufficient for your morning appetite.

Brekky Dog
What we loved is the perfect unification of the Chicken sausage and the scrambled eggs which left the house ketchup only to spice up the flavours. However, we wouldn’t mind giving the garlic mushrooms a miss as the hot dog in itself was a flare full of zests.

And if these things don’t suffice go full-monty with the Full Desi which comes with an option of a Cereal, one Main course option, Milkshakes/Smoothies/Juices and Tea/Coffee.

Chilled Chocolate

To wrap it up, make sure to get your hands on the Chilled Chocolate, a crowd favourite here. Chilled, thick chocolate served with fresh seasonal fruits brings a whole new zing to your breakfast menu. The portion is just about right to finish your meal on a sweet note. Ofcourse, if chocolate is not your thing, fitness conscious lot can always opt for some interesting Smoothies and Shakes to conclude their breakfast.

So now, don’t go out looking for places early morning that serve a separate breakfast menu. And also don’t worry about losing out on your first meal if you’re a little lazy to wake up early over the weekend. They have their breakfast servings from 9am – 1pm.  Post which, hog on to some mouth-watering burgers, sandwiches and hot dogs from the menu.

Verdict: Food: 4/5 | Ambience: 3/5 | Service: 3/5 | Price: Approximately, Rs. 1000 for 2 people
reviewed by BhookaJanta

Author: TBS Contributor

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