Flavours of the World Meet Pizza at Cafe Mangii

Long long ago, something called as a “Pizza” was born in an Italian kitchen sooner to become an identity of the country. Several tummies in the country were conquered by this delicious knight, and slowly it spread across the world like a revolution.

“Ohhh, this is the most delicious Pizza ever!!” – says every man in every alternate Pizzeria in most of the countries today. And why not, when they get the best of their favourite toppings with generous amount of melting cheese which is loved by most! Keeping the authenticity aside, many places offer a variety of pizzas that cater to the palette of the customers walking in. It must be very interesting and adventurous to taste these customized pizzas in the different parts of the world, we thought.

Just then, we happened to know about this World Pizza Fest in Café Mangii that swore to top your pizza with best flavours summoned from across the globe. Too much salivating thought for a pizza lover to run to the nearest Café Mangii outlet. We confess. We almost did that!

Café Mangii has been a popular name when it came to the Italian cuisine. So much of a repute, that it possibly wouldn’t have disappointed the customers with the latest visitors from around the world on their Pizza menu; and we daresay, it didn’t. A few from the lot that graciously lay on our table while we gorged on to them were – Big Fat Greek Pizza, Gringo Chilli, Desi Pizza, and The Trip to Hollywood.

The best part of the Pizzas served here is the different textures in a single slice. Warm melting cheese, a soft and slight crunchy chew from the toppings and a crunch of the crust to end the slice with. Too much fun of a combination, isn’t it?

Now to talk about the taste, The Trip to Hollywood was a hero amongst the non-vegetarian pizzas we feel. Influenced by the Americans, this pizza was topped with sautéed mushrooms, chicken ham, salami Milano, caramalised onions and the signature smoked cherry tomato sauce. What a lovely combination!

Next up was the Big Fat Greek Pizza that was topped with mozzarella and feta cheese, black olives, red onions, basil and oregano. This is the best bet of the menu and the next thing after heaven for the vegetarians. The cheesy bite of the feta and the sudden rush of freshness provided by the basil takes this grub to a different level altogether. One just cannot afford to miss this one!

The best way to get to the Gringo Chilli pizza is to start munching on the nachos that mount its base topped with sour cream and salsa. Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with a sudden splash of spicy, sweet and tangy in just a bite! Deadly combination that wouldn’t let you stop drooling. The pizza however didn’t keep up with the high expectations that the nachos and the salsa built in. Don’t get us wrong. Not that the delicious mozzarella cheese, beans, jalapenos, cilantro, sundried tomatoes weren’t impressive enough. It’s a good eat, but nothing splendid.

When gorging on the variety of flavours from different countries, how could we have not tried the Desi Pizza? This one comes with a topping of our very own and favourite Paneer Makhni along with spinach, green chillies and sundried tomatoes. Again, a good one but not good enough to surpass the level set by the Big Fat Greek Pizza.

We do recommend all to experience this Pizza festival at Café Mangii as giving it a miss would be foolish for any pizza lover. You wouldn’t regret trying it out; but hey, we take no responsibility if you manage to put on those extra kilos 😛 Waste no more time, as thisfestival lasts only till the 10th of February and don’t forget to share your experience of eating there with us :)

Food: 4/5 | Service: Always offered with a smile | Ambience: 3.5/5 | Pricing: Expensive

Author: TBS Contributor

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