Forecast for 2016 – Tarotly Yours


Here is your Tarot Forecast for 2016:

Aries: The year is set to be a good one for you. Though you may start on a rough note, be sure that the end of this difficult phase is now close and the best awaits you. Keep a close watch on your well-being, and do whatever it takes to stay fit on all levels.

Taurus: Good fortunes have embraced you gracefully, but remember, nothing is permanent. You may have been very fortunate in the past, as luck shone on you. But at present, steer clear of over-confidence and callousness. You health is up for a bumpy ride. Stay alert.

Gemini: Right guidance is the one that allows you the freedom to think and empowers you to take your own decisions. Keep this in mind, before appointing a random entity as your guide. The key is to not trust people blindly. For some time to come, it is your partner’s health that needs attention.

Cancer: Some matters related to law seem to be taking the centre-stage in your life. Remember, taking the right advice will make all the difference. Make sure to keep an eye out, even for the most insignificant looking occurrence. Over-confidence may prove fatal to your well being.

Leo: In this year, you will rise like a phoenix and the events that follow, shall be totally worth the wait. This is the best time for all your long-standing wishes to come true. Trust your inner instincts and take the leap of faith. Following a proper routine shall help accelerate things.

Virgo: The freedom to choose sides lies with you. However, the need of the hour is to do this tactfully and not earn yourself enemies on the way. Keep your cool and stay as patient as possible. Your passion whether for a person or activity, is bound to top your list, this year.

Libra: The suggestion for people belonging to this sign is to gracefully bow out, from situations that seem to be a resultant of your own doing. False arguments and excuses will only worsen matters, to further land you in a soup. Stay calm and accepting. Meditation can help.

Scorpio: People will tend to treat you as the go-to person, in order to get their tasks done. Though this may look like a positive trait at first, the truth may be slightly different. They may actually be taking you for granted. Be sure that you make every opportunity worth your salt.

Sagittarius: Your imagination and intuition are going to be at their best, this year. Take a chance, luck favours you greatly. The secret is to believe in yourself. Be wary of intimidating others and not rubbing people the wrong way. Remember, negativity helps no one.

Capricorn: The idea is to keep all communications clear, by leaving no questions unanswered. For a little thing may lead to great mistrust. There may be situations where you may feel like you’re losing the battle, but a last minute retreat will eventually lead you to victory.

Aquarius: This year, you will receive all the energy you need, from the Sun. quite literally. Whenever you feel low or tired, a stroll out in the shiny day should brighten up your mood greatly. A regime of Surya Namaskars can do wonders.

Pisces: Quite often this year, you may feel like being planted in a situation that is completely beyond you. Instead of feeling helpless and putting your weapons down, try fighting your way out. A helpful tip here would be to use brains over brawn and be positive.

Predictions from Kyera. A. She’s based out of Mumbai and you can reach her on +91 9665488877 or write to her at

Author: TBS Contributor

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