Go 2-4-5 at California Pizza Kitchen

Good things come in threes”, they say. And when these come in a combination of 2, 4 and 5 they’re not just good, but brilliant. Confused? Well, this is what we learned in our recent visit to California Pizza Kitchen. Good food is not the only thing that they offer; but to make your visit more exciting, they have some fun surprises waiting for you. All you’ll need to do is – flash 2, 4 and 5 with your hands and wait for the surprise to walk up to you.

Wait, hold on. Don’t let the excitement just fade here. What if we tell you that now California Pizza Kitchen has pizzas starting from Rs. 245*? Go ahead, pinch yourself. There are 5 lip smacking pizzas that are now available at an unbelievably lower price. We tried out some of these to check if the slash in their price has had any effect on the flavours.
Read further to know about our experience of hogging on to these.

  1. The Florentine Pizza

The Florentine Pizza

If you would ask us to replace its name with an adjective, we would call it “The Heavenly Pizza”. Unlike the regular pizzas, this one has a mushroom pesto as the sauce spread over the base which imparts an unforgettable flavour to it. The combination of cherry tomatoes and spinach adds so much to the visual appeal and taste that every bite would leave you craving for two more. Truly flavourful, highly recommended!

  1. The Garden Veg

The Garden Veg

A delightful choice for someone who love their greens. The crunchy green veggies hold their inherent flavours that pleasantly infuse with the mozzarella. The fresh green chilli sauce takes taste to an entire new level.

  1. The Roasted Mushroom & Pepper Pizza

The Roasted Mushroom & Pepper Pizza

This one would essentially suit the ones with a preference for spice. It’s probably the spiciest and the most colourful pizza on the California Pizza Kitchen menu. The toppings are well cooked yet crunchy enough to hold in the delicious juices of the mushroom and bell peppers. Very much enjoyable, but however, we felt that the spice was slightly overpowering the flavours of the toppings.

  1. The Italian Delight

The Italian Delight

With minimal ingredients going on the topping, this pizza is absolutely light on your palette. The Italian Delight holds together the basic flavours that are truly delightful. If you’re looking for a quick light bite, you wouldn’t want to give this one a miss.

And lastly, every dish had at this place needs to conclude with their legendary Tiramisu.

So go ahead, try out these new Pizzas, served at a great price. And don’t forget to flash 2, 4, 5 to the staff and also ask them the dice game to redeem amazing surprises. Happy Hogging!

* The vegetarian pizzas (Florentine, Garden Veg, Roasted Mushroom & Pepper, Italian Delight) start from Rs. 245 onward. Chicken could be added to these with an extra charge.

Author: TBS Contributor

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