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When summers arrive friends often come up with vacation plans, most of which tend towards GOA, the land of beach, booze and nightlife. But that’s not pretty much what comes to everyone’s mind when they hear Goa. That’s because conversations often lead to food, the local specialties to be more specific. The spicy Fish curries, the vintage Pork Vindaloos, the booze-friendly Goan Sausages, the most-likely Xacutis and the perfect endings of Bebincas becomes a part of the must-try-this-vacation itinerary.

Other than just food the beautiful part about Goa is that you can spree here for almost everything you desire – shopping, beer, beaches, music, folklores and many more. Especially in the North side of Goa. The most popular one being the iconic stretch of Baga and Calangute which instigates every traveller’s and local’s desires to explore more. And as we route back to food, this place is no stranger to host the generous alternatives like Brittos and more. But having said that, in the neighbourhood, breaking the shackles of local cuisine is the calm and composed, Habanero!Habanero, GoaHabanero, a renowned chain in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad has extended its Mexican charm now to Goa. Hosted in the vibrant lanes of Baga, this tex-mex spot is a first-crush destination by its appearance alone. Beautiful ambience, acoustic and live music, vibrant glassed-filled lights makes Habanero a place to spend time after a sun-stroked and a beach-soaked day. Habanero, GoaBut what’s a restaurant if it cannot surpass your expectations of a great meal and thirst buster, after a long tiring day? Given that point to consider, be ready to quench your big expectation with a Margarita of that size. Absolutely refreshing, easily sufficient for 5 people. Habanero, GoaBut that’s just the beginning of the Texas-Mexican feast you can try here.
Here are our 4 must try’s at Habanero:Habanero, GoaRebecca: It is always important to start a meal refreshed. And that perfect support starts with Rebecca. With Cranberry, Pineapple, Sour Mix and Soda, this is one mocktail you need to try. Priced at INR 195, get the chill right.Habanero, GoaGrilled Chicken Fajita: Mamma Mia! Juicy and grilled to perfection, the Chicken Fajita is a masterpiece in the menu. Served on a hot skillet, this deliciousness comes with a serving of vegetables, spicy Mexican rice, chilled garnishes and soft tortillas to wrap it up. Perfect in quantity, the Fajitas served at Habanero also comes with options of Paneer, Grilled Vegetable Skewer, Beef Tenderloin and Prawns, ranging between INR 375 TO INR 475 plus taxes.Habanero, GoaVeg Mini Chimis: Say it after us, Chimichanga!!! Shout it out loud and crunch on the appealing appetiser. The mini chimis as the small versions of the Chimichangas, which comes in a stuffing of vegetables inside a fried tortilla. This makes up for a great starter with just about the right quantity to please your appetite before digging into a heavy meal. Served with Salsa mix and Sour Cream, get your hands/forks on to the Mini Chimis. – INR 215 to INR 275 plus taxes.
Habanero, GoaGrilled Chicken Enchiladas: Hold your breath, tuck in the tummy and you might want to make some more space to accommodate the scrumptious Enchiladas. The tortilla graciously overload of melted cheese needs all the attention when on your table. Not to forget the stuffing of your choice (veg/non veg), Grilled Chicken in our case was kindly proportionate to satiate the appetite. Finish it or ask for more! – INR 375 for Grilled Chicken Enchiladas.

While the above mentioned were our pick of the menu, there were some notable dishes you can try as well. Habanero, GoaHabanero, GoaJoanna Fernandes - Habanero, GoaWhile the drinks and Meals are sure to keep you happy here, what’s also thoroughly entertaining is the performance here. The Sunday Brunch we were here for was just made amazing with the live performance from Joanna Fernandes. And not only restricted to Sunday, Habanero hosts performers every Friday and Saturday nights. Drop in, eat, drink, sing and dance, all at Baga under one roof!

Try these or explore more Mexican choices with Burrito, Tacos, Churros or sampler plates and let us know how your experience at Habanero was.

Location: 218 A, Calangute-Baga Road, Baga, Goa.

Author: TBS Contributor

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