A golden chance to visit the Gold Coast, Australia! – HyperX & X-Men Apocalypse

This year will go down in history as an unforgettable time for comic book and superhero fans! It is not even the first half of the year and we have already witnessed:

The emotive connexion between Batman and Superman

– The uber-cool action and romantic abilities of perhaps the most remarkable superhero ever, The Dead Pool

– The punitive conclusion of electing sides in what was a splendid battle between Captain America and the Iron Man in the Civil War


Hold your breath!! For now comes the best, the ultimate superhero – X-Men, in the 9th installment of the X-MEN series, the X-Men: Apocalypse. And along with it a golden chance to visit the Gold Coast, Australia, from the makers of HyperX products in association with X-Men! Something far beyond what a fan could even dream of.

You can see the trailer at:

While the respective film-makers have been enchanting their audiences with marvelous merchandise, X-Men, in association with HyperX have broken all records and taken audience expectations to a different level altogether.


HyperX has introduced their new range of products which include USB drives, Solid State Drives, Headsets and Mouse Pads. What’s interesting is that with every purchase of an incredible HyperX product, you get a chance to feel the thrill of X-men! So once a HyperX product is purchased, customers have to go to HyperXMenOffer and submit their purchase order number.
One lucky winner will get a chance to fly to the Australian Gold Coast and experience excitement like never before!  A dream vacation that comes with a chance to take thrills to a new high, with a fly-board, leap off a plane, skydive or scale up the tallest building in Australia. AWESOME ISN’T IT?  
That’s not all – 5 lucky winners will win HyperX Cloud II Headsets and 10 others will get their hands on the HyperX Savage USB drives!
So, with such a once in a lifetime trip waiting for you, wouldn’t you want to go for it? This summer, don’t just watch the X-MEN, EXPERIENCE IT like one of them, with HyperX!
Check out https://www.facebook.com/kingstontechnologyindia for more! 

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