Kasuri Methi Crab – Recipe


Ingredients :

  1. Fresh Crab Meat – 200 gms
  2. Crab meat paste – 30 gms
  3. Green Apple – 4 nos.
  4. Yellow Cherry tomato – 10 nos.
  5. Whole Big Green Chilli / Jalapenos – 2 nos.
  6. Cucumelons (Tindli/Indian Ivy Gourd) – 4 nos.
  7. Butter – 3 tbsp
  8. Electric Daisies – 2 nos. (they are sharp and numb your palate so be careful)
  9. (* If not available, use 2 tbsp chopped raw mango instead)
  10. Edible Marigold leaves – 10 nos.
  11. Dry Roasted Kasuri Methi – 1 tbsp
  12. Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
  13. Coriander powder – 1 ½ tsp
  14. Salt and Pepper – to taste
  15. Olive Oil – 2 tsp

Method :

  1. Chop the apples with skin on into small squares or circles, in an ideal size for canapés.
  2. Marinate these apples with salt, pepper, coriander powder and olive oil for 5 minutes.
  3. Heat butter with a teaspoon of olive oil. Add mustard seeds to it when hot and let them splutter.
  4. Now add chopped green chillies to it. Finsih it off by adding roasted and crushed kasuri methi. Season with salt and pepper. Take it off the flame and empty the pan.
  5. In the same butter greased pan grill the apples lightly from both the sides on high flame.
  6. Apply some crab paste or pate on the grilled apple, which we are using as the canapé base.
  7. Toss the halved cherry tomatoes, electrical daisies, fresh crab meat, cucumelons together. Toss it with the kasuri methi dressing.
  8. Now spoon this crab salad on the grilled apple.
  9. Garnish with marigold leaves and serve cold or on room temperature.

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