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As our journey continued from the calm insides of Anjuna in Goa to the rustic lanes of Baga locating Habanero, the scooter found its parking in a rather fancy pit stop called The O Hotel.

A luxurious and peaceful delight that is sure to catch your heart with its premium location and the view which overlooks the Arabian Sea.

O Hotel, Goa is a beach front resort with 75 luxurious rooms, suites and a grand suite meant for a memorable and pleasant stay. The resort is known for its infinity pool, gym, casino, yacht and spa.

Our association journey with the owners of O Hotels slates back to our visit to OGR in Pune – still can’t stop satiating over the Sushis and Crab Stick Salad there. But the Goan platter had something local to feast on to. So that leaves us with no Teriyaki, Prawns Tempura Sushis or Baos. But having said that, the local flavours were ready to host us and sway our spoons off the plate. So from the handful of crafted to perfection meals, here are 5 of our absolutely favourite from the O Hotel, Goa:

Cocktails: Pick one, pick all! When you got a bartender like the one who served us O Hotel, you can’t just stop at one. Go tropical, chase the Tequila Sunrise, take a shot at the beer punch or simply sip of the screwdriver, you ask it and you get it here.
O Hotel, GoaThe Neptune Platter: Opt for the seafood bites or settle for the crunch of veggies, The Neptune platter is perhaps the right start to warm up your jaws before a grub. The seafood platter comes with a selection of Calamari Fritters, Fish Fingers and Batter Fried Prawns while the Vegetarian selection consists of crisp Fries, Onion Rings and Jalapeno Poppers. Trust the instincts, it goes great with your chilled beer.O Hotel, GoaNaanzo: Never say never for a Pizza. Or even its versions. This Naan based fix with the lustrous toppings of Olives, Mushrooms, Onions and Cherry Tomatoes will ensure that nothing is left behind on the plate. Normally a naan based pizza would get hard if unattended too long. So spare yourself from the chewiness and make sure you wrap it up in no time. O Hotel, GoaFish Recheado: No one cooks a Fish as perfectly as the Goans do! Hold that thought and serve it straight on to your plate. This Fish Recheado, freshly grinded from Goa’s most popular condiment, is an unconditional delight. The blazing and tangy masala is a treat for seafood lovers who ought to try it as a starter or a main course with steamed rice. Fret not vegetarians. The Recheado compliments a variety of dishes and leaves the same artistic feeling to the taste buds. Just like it lasted on the Paneer Recheado. Highly recommended!O Hotel, GoaO Hotel, GoaThe Dessert Platter: Spare some space for heaven sake. This needs all the attention possible. The platter, normally ordered individually but graciously served to us, has every option your sweet tooth would crave for. The tinge of sweetness from the chikis, to the tangy lick from the Lemon tart, the bite into the exotic éclair, to the scooped portion of Phirnis… het on to it and sweep it all clear!O Hotel, GoaThere is no doubt there is more to this with Xacutis, Caldins and Cafreals, go explore them and tell us what we missed appeasing on. Till then, happy riding and happy hogging  

Author: TBS Contributor

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