New Exploration – Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

When was the last time you felt you should try something new?
Always, but never did, we are sure!

Now that’s where you break the shackles of deciding on a weekday that you would head to a “weekend destination”. Let us guess, your checklist would probably say:

  • Check for a family hotel
  • See the sunset
  • Eat some local food
  • Click some selfies
  • Go to a mountain/lake/beach
    And then back home!

So much for “I was so looking forward to the weekend”. Where is that newness gone?

For people from Mumbai and Pune, weekend beyond the mundane destinations has become going to Della Adventure and Imagica / Aquamagica. Well, that’s okay for a starter but what options would you have beyond a few rides? Also, you never come back with a fond memory for a food you had there. That’s exactly why you need to explore!

What if we say you can discover your skills at playing a new sport, do the same thrills as other adventure parks, take a sunbath, eat great food and also camp at night, stargazing at one single place. Ask where? The place is called Oxford Golf Resort and it isn’t too far from Mumbai – just a 155km drive, and almost at a reach out distance for the Punekars.

photo courtesy: Oxford Golf Resort

photo courtesy: Oxford Golf Resort

The first sight of the property would be enough to mesmerize the trail that is yet to lead. This table top view of the Golf Resort gives a perfect introduction to the no.1 Golf Course in India. The 7 year old property is not just a PAR in golfing terms but is an Eagle to its competition. Celebrities, Sports personalities and businessmen are a common sight here who visit to rejuvenate themselves with a game of 18 holes. Lot of guests from Korea, Japan and China come along to play professional golf events.

Oxford Golf Resort, PuneOxford Golf Resort, PuneOxford Golf Resort, PuneBut it doesn’t quite end there. That’s exactly why the owners have versioned the extension of the property, open to families and corporate to come here and enjoy beyond just Golf. The entire property is a treat, both visually and therapeutically.

And that is why here are 5 reasons why OGR should be your new exploration:Golf Course - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

–          Golf Course: IT HAS A GOLF COURSE, a sport you probably thought was boring till you actually played it. It is like Yoga to many. The Full-Monty 18 holes not just helps you play and understand this game better but lets you travel to the remote enchanting corners of the Golf Resort. And if you really want to get started, enroll yourself for the Leadbetter Golf Academy; a fully equipped Golf Academy with the state-of-the-art facilities for practice, located within OGR. The best part? It isn’t closed during monsoons, unlike other golf clubs. Time to swing for that Par and search for the hole!Adventure Sports - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune–   Adventure Zone: Main Banunga Roadie. It’s not an audition zone but the adventure trail here will lead you to consider yourself for a reality series. Rock Climbing, High Ropes, Rappelling, Paintball, Archery, Helicopter Ride and Mountain Trail Biking makes this place perfect for a corporate training field and competes well enough with the existing options close by. Horse Riding - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune–          Activity Centre: What does one do if Adventure or Golf isn’t really their thing? Start with stretching perhaps. Fitness Centres, Yoga Rooms, Spa and indoor sporting facilities like Squash, Badminton, Infinity Pool and Horse Riding will take you to a tranquil state, the much needed one.

Camping - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

Photo courtesy: Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

–          Sleep star gazing:  Hotels or Tents, what would you pick? Well, there is an alternative for every guest here. So either stay in a lavish hotel room or opt or a bonfire and stay amidst nature in a beautiful tent.infinity Swimming Pool - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

–          Events: Pool side parties, weddings, private parties and more. Get started with your plans and they got a customized solution for all your occasions. The most notable one ofcourse, is the Proposal Package. Yes, they have a completely special package alongside the infinity pool for those who want to propose to their special ones. A ring in the champagne or the violins accompanying your candlelight dinner, you ask for it and they have it.

But all the amusement and adventure set aside, what really bends our concern about resorts is the quality of food! Either you end up getting sides of plates soaked up in generous quantity of oil or your pocket feels heavier than your tummy after a lack lustrous non-worthy meal. And that is an unease choice. The fact that you spend your morning tanned under bright sun, being a part of adventurous tales, all that you would want to conclude it with is a decent meal and some refreshing thirst-quenchers.

Well, that comes as a good surprise with Oxford Golf Resort – Popup menus for weekends, delicious selections and experimental moods makes you want to crave for more, courtesy after-taste. Here are 4 things you have to try the next time you are at O G R.

Crabstick Salad - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune–          Crabstick Salad: Quint portion of Salad is the last attention-seeking stuff on your platter when you have the likes of Baos and Sushi waiting for fork and chopsticks to dig in. However, it also is the dreary choice you want to get done with to warm-up your palates for the feast to follow. But keep aside all your desires for once cos this Crabstick Salad could make you wobble down bowls and still leave you asking for more. A perfect mélange of dressing, meat and greens tops this chart of must haves here.Sushi - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune–          Sushi: When you are in a fix to opt for a Tempura Prawns Sushi or Tuna Roll Sushi, take the advice, clean up your plate biting into both. A lot of places that call itself a place that serves Sushi gets it so wrong. And again, only someone who knows what a good Sushi tastes like, serves it. Appreciations to Chef who not only served the mouth-watering Sushi but also demonstrated on how he creates his masterpiece. Japenese Cider- Oxford Golf Resort, Pune–          The Japanese Cider: What is an entrée without the perfect pairing of a refreshing cocktail, especially if it spells something like a SINGLE MALT WHISKEY added in a beverage? Sounds perfect right? The Japanese Cider is an assortment of Whiskey, Honey and fresh Apples to sulk into when you gorge into fancy Veg/Meat preparations.

Creme Brulee - Oxford Golf Resort, Pune

–          Jalebi Crème Brulee: Do you love Jalebi? Do you Crème Brulee? How about having both together? Sounds like a plan! Now playing with two of your favourite desserts needs a lot of care and love. The chef ensured that the Crème Brulee’s softness was intact giving it a hint of the sweetness with inserting the Jalebi within. The only slight miss would be having a crisp, piping hot Jalebi served on the top for the crunchiness. Which when shared with the Chef he was more than happy to experiment. Nevertheless, with or without the add-on Jalebi, this dessert is the comfort afters you need to chase.
Chicken - Oxford Golf Resort, PuneSome notable consolations to this list would include the Vegetable Terrine with Truffle Fries & Olive, Jalapeno and Charred Corn Salad. Kung Pao Potato Bao and the Subz Biryani with Tzatziki and Flat Bread Kheema Pizza.

So, there… you have it! Try your hand at a new sport, do new things or simply go hogging. Put the Oxford Golf Resort on your list and go explore!


Author: TBS Contributor

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