6 Dishes You Must Try At Pa Pa Ya

From the presenters of Masala Library, Made in Punjab and Café Farzi come their subsequent add-on to the family, serving inquisitive and innovative take on food, called Pa Pa Ya. Like the heredities, this new addition is a modern take to Asian cuisine, courtesy molecular gastronomy. Trendy hexagonal interiors and jazzed up illuminations in a teeming mall might not be evident in the first go but nevertheless the energetic music and the delicious aroma might catch your attention. Not to forget, on arrival the Sushi station and the sprightly bar is noticeably engaging. Make sure you don’t miss the bartenders performing their antics with the liquid nitrogen while they prepare your drink. And when it comes to food, there are somethings you simply can’t afford to not try when here.

From what we tried, here are 6 dishes we absolutely think you should try at Pa Pa Ya.

  • Vegetarian Sushi Matrix (starter) | Available in Non-Vegetarian:

Sushi Matrix

The Vegetarian Sushi Matrix is a combination of 19 pieces of Sushi, served in an isometric wooden platter. Definitely a delight for the aficionados of this dish, considering very few places get it right when it comes to serving a good Sushi. The presentation was such a treat in itself that the dish would invite you to try it. Distinct flavours of Nigiri, Maki and Uramaki makes this matrix interesting. So go ahead, play permutation and combination with each to keep your palates asking for more.

  • Edamame and Chick Pea Sliders with Homemade Potato Chips (starter): 

    Edamame and Chick Pea Sliders

When the appetite for starters came to a still, a huge truck parked right in front of us, hinting something mouth-watering waiting to be unloaded. Loaded were Edamame and Chick Pea Sliders served with a portion of Home-made crisp Potato Chips. Apart from the fancy presentation what also makes these sliders interesting is that the buns are made from lotus seed flour.  What it leaves you with is an absolutely soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture and a slight after taste.

  • Sautéed Leeks and Water chestnut dumplings (starter):

Sautéed Leeks and Water chestnut dumplings

For someone who loves non-vegetarian food more than anything else, this dish might just make them shift their loyalty from the meat. The striking red colour that the dish gets from the beetroot, topped with the foam lends a visually appealing aura to the dish. These dimsums are highly infused with striking flavours that are only enhanced by the chili, celery and spring onion dip that it rests on.

  • Sichuan Style Crispy Prawns (main course):

Sichuan Style Crispy Prawns

The Sichuan Crispy Prawns with diced onions, leeks and spring onions are nothing like the red-hot coloured regular Sichuan gravy that we’re used to having at the Chinese restaurants in India. This had a noticeable unique flavour, well balanced with the rest of the ingredients. The big crispy prawns are absolutely well cooked and juicy. The waffle served with it doesn’t just add to the beauty of the dish, but also adds another element of flavour to it.

  • Exotic Mushrooms (main course):Exotic Mushrooms

From the main course that we had, the Exotic Mushroom definitely has to be the best. Different types of mushroom cooked together so well that the flavours packed in this dish can’t be talked about; they can only be experienced! Have this dish with a portion of steamed rice and relish!

  •  The Chocolate Ball on Fire (dessert):

The Chocolate Ball on Fire

The Chocolate Ball on Fire is a huge chocolate ball slowly melting away with the wild blue flames to reveal the interior filled with crushed Oreos, chunky Bonbon biscuit, candied almonds, cashew nuts with whipped cream and orange peels. To top that some chocolate sauce credits the end to present an artistic delight that you would just want to keep looking at.

While there are many more notable dishes that make PaPaYa the perfect modern tinge to culinary, we highly recommend you to visit it, pick from the above list with a few choices of your own and tell us which your favourite dish is. Happy Hogging!

Rating: Food: 4/5 | Service: 5/5 | Ambience: 4/5

Cost: Rs. 3,000+ taxes for a meal for two (without alcohol)

Get there: 3rd floor Palladium Mall, Lower Parel – Mumbai

Author: TBS Contributor

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