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What does it feel like to have a versatile personality? Perhaps, someone who could best answer this would be Purab Kohli. Be it with his charismatic character in Hip Hip Hurray or his true-to-life performance in films like Rock On and My Brother Nikhil or even dancing his way to win your hearts on Jhalak Dikhlaja, Purab has done it all; and that too with complete fervor and perseverance. But there is more to this charmer than just appearing on TV or the big screen – his love for travelling! And that’s why, The Brown Scooter took Purab Kohli on a ride to explore his travel chronicles…


TBS: Personal vacations, is it ever a part of your plan?
PK: Honestly, my work makes me travel so much, and I get to see so many new places all the time, that when I am free I like to stay at home for a change. In the past 2 years, I have been to so many different parts of the world and on hundreds of flights but I have taken only one ‘real’ personal travel-holiday.

TBS: You have travelled! Like seriously travelled! So then which destination makes it to your favourite list and why?

PK: I am a traveler who has hosted a travel show for 8 years, so that is the most difficult question to answer. In general, I like the mountains and we have some fantastic ranges in India. The Northeast fascinates me and so does Kashmir and the beautiful Sahyadri range. The Amalfy Coast in Italy is a must-visit, and the 3 drives you should not miss are the Costa Del Sol in the south of Spain, the Garden route in South Africa and Srinagar-to-Leh.

TBS: What is that one thing Purab Kohli absolutely cannot travel without?
PK: My credit card *laughs*. Considering I dont plan too much I need access to money.

TBS: If you could choose any three celebrities in the world to travel with, dead or alive, who would they be and why?
PK: For me travel is a very intimate space and I usually dont want any attention while I am travelling on holiday. So I dont think I would enjoy traveling with a celebrity.

TBS: A vibrant group of 4 went on a trip of a lifetime ‘Life mai ek baar’, tell us about the experience?
PK: Magical! Another superb trip! 10 adventure activities packed into 2 months and 4 guys who dint know what was in store for them. What a great idea, isn’t it?

In a format like that, one gets to face a lot of fears in a short span of time and share those experiences with people you have just met. That definitely leads to great friendships. Also you should see what an impact the show has had on the lives of all of us. I moved out of Bombay, Jupiter quit his job and followed his heart and has landed up working in Malaysia. Arun is in Mexico and Bhaskar is holding fort in Mumbai running an internet business.

TBS: What has been your toughest adventure till date?
PK: I participated in Raid in the Himalaya 12 years ago. Its a mad rally up in the mountains. I was navigating a car and it was being shot for Channel V. The show never made it on air due to some sponsor issue, but it’s the biggest high I’ve had on an adventure experience and I had to overcome many fears… that was the toughest part.

TBS: What’s the best piece of travel advice you would give someone?
PK:The more open you are while you travel the richer your experience shall be.

TBS: One thing you hate and like about holidays?
PK: I hate airports. With all the security these days, one feels so trapped, when your travel is all about freedom. And there are many, many things I like and love.


TBS: Any places that you think are overrated or underrated?
PK: Madhya Pradesh is highly underrated. I think following the Narmada has been one of the best trips I have done, and its so beautiful. While, Thailand is overrated!

TBS: One food or stay experience that has been memorable, good or bad?
PK: A village home I rented in Anigundi turned out to be good… no great in fact! It is a village across the river from Hampi. It was lovely to stay in the house, very cozy and had all the amenities. There was also another place called Hoova cafe which served the most delicious dosas for breakfast.

TBS: Places to visit before you die – according to Purab Kohli?
PK: There are way too many. But Istanbul, Rome, Hampi, Cherapunjee, Positano, Pangong Tso, Nubra valley are some places that come to my mind.

TBS: Any travel shows/movies people will get to see you in 2015?
PK: Tere Ane Se is a love story that should release in the summer. And there might be a small travel stint too, though thats not finalised yet.

Thank you Purab!
That sounds great Purab. TBS wishes you Good Luck for a travel-filled and successful 2015.

Author: TBS Contributor

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