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How essential is the role of destiny in whittling up your successful life? Ask Saransh Goila and you might just believe in fate. From a lad whose cooking skills debuted in his kitchen merely at the age of 12, to becoming unarguably the youngest celebrity chef in India, Saransh has won millions of hearts with his travel journeys and gastronomic knack. That happened when he was almost on a plane to Los Angeles to end his struggling spree and join the food network there. But destiny had its say, and a call inviting him to contest in the Food Food Maha Challenge changed his life forever. 

In a span of 2 years, he has earned names like the Jalebi Boy, Butter Chicken Specialist, Sadak Chef, Chocolate Boy and recently the Spice Traveller.

And to explore Saransh’s culinary affection and tales further, The Brown Scooter decided to take this Spice Traveller on a ride to discover his epicurean expedition.

Saransh Goila

TBS: Who was Saransh Goila before becoming the popular Chef Saransh Goila?

Saransh Goila: An aspiring actor whose love for food and a fascination for hosting a food show was eagerly waiting to be explored. To then fulfill this, I did my acting classes from Barry John’s Acting Academy. Meanwhile, the love for food was always there. I even had a catering business of my own. Then the Food Food Maha Challenge happened which not only gave me a chance to become a known chef but also a chance to be in front of the camera and host my own show.

TBS: The show went on to create a name for itself in the Limca Book of Records. Tell us more about the accolades.

Saransh Goila: That was a great moment. I, through my show called Roti, Rasta aur India featured in the Limca Book of Records for being the first Indian chef to have travelled 20,000 kms in 100 days in India, by road. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for it since we travelled to nooks and corners of the country to explore Indian food.

TBS: That indeed sounds like a lot of fun. So which is that one place in India you came across that served the most delicious meal?

Saransh Goila: It is very difficult to choose one place. Our country serves so many distinct flavours. But I really enjoyed eating at Surat. The food there was absolutely delicious. There is so much love in their meals.

TBS: You love interacting with people on social media platforms, do you have stalkers or fans that praise you or annoy you?

Saransh Goila: *smiles* Yes, there are many people who tweet to me. Out of which some really genuine foodies ask me tips on how to cook a particular dish or what experiments they can do with their ingredients. This is again relatively new for me. I wasn’t too active initially and then someone told me to join Twitter. It is only then I realised how much people follow my cooking and shows. It is great platform to connect and interact with people directly.

TBS: Tell us something about your new show called the Spice Traveller.

Saransh Goila: Spice Traveller is India’s first digital Food & Travel show wherein I travel across various parts of the United Kingdom and share mouth-watering delicacies which will be like a gourmet guide to travellers planning to visit UK. The very first episode was shot 35,000 feet in the air in the Virgin Atlantic flight, where I created some exotic cocktails.

TBS: Let’s accelerate this ride too then! Answer these questions as promptly as you can…

Favourite cuisine: Indian

One country you would travel for its food: Italy

Love cooking: My special Koyla Goila Butter Chicken

Favourite moment during your first show: Madhuri Dixit calling me Chocolate Boy

In 2015, you would be: Doing more shows and also I would be starting a new venture related to what I’m best known cooking for, the Butter Chicken.

Your future plans: Would eventually start my own restaurant, travel the world, write books on Food, act in films and do more Travel and Food shows.

TBS: And finally, which is that one dish you enjoyed cooking in your Spice Traveller series?

Saransh Goila: It has to be the Kasoori Methi Crab. It is far off one of the best dishes I have made on this show.

While, Saransh’s ride ends with the Brown Scooter here, get your culinary sets out and try making his Kasoori Methi Crab while he shares his recipe exclusively for us.  

Author: TBS Contributor

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