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Talk about street food and people chaotically argue the admiration of the ones they can have in the glittering streets of Chandani Chowk versus the enigmatic lanes of Mumbai. Then ofcourse the discussion over Puchkas, Gol Gappes and Pani Puris would are never ending too. But who ultimate wins the conversation is Street Food, no matter where you want to have it.

Street Food Festival - Kohinoor Continental
Street Food Festival - Paani PuriAnd banking on this victory in the holy month of Eid is Kohinoor Continental in Mumbai. Kohinoor, a prestigious name in the hospitality industry has launched a Street Food festival in Mumbai. In our conversation with the chef, he shared his experience of how food has evolved and somewhere lost its charm of the local flavours. He goes back in time to tell the drool-worthy stories in the lanes of Mumbai that served enchanting delicacies like Kada Pav Bhaji, Chinese Bhel and the evergreen Mumbaiya chaats. Having said that he didn’t shy away from saying how the experiments would lead to discovering new zests. So in this celebration of festivity and the experience to try out the untainted savour, here are a few dishes you have to look out for during the Street Food Festival:

Street Food Festival - Anda PavAnda Pav in Szechwan: Crack, Pour, Dip, Spread and Tumble! Get these 5 steps in place and you will end up creating a treat for yourself. The question is how do you want it served, Omelette inside the Pav or Pav inside the Omelette? We say, have a bit of both, either way the Szechwan will find its way to tantalise your taste-buds.

Street Food Festival - Papdi ChaatPapdi Chaat: Relished primarily across North India – Papdi Chaat was perfect blend of being sweet, sour and tangy. This mish-mash of potatoes, onions, chutney and curd leaves you craving for more in this beautiful weather.

Street Food Festival - Pav Bhaji Cham ChamPav Bhaji ChamCham: Butter, Spices, Cheese and lots of goodness! This speciality prepared by the Chef is something one must ask for. Bread pieces cooked with Masala Bhaji, Buttered well and grated graciously with Cheese. Drooling already?

Street Food Festival - Chinese BhelChinese Bhel: Seek for it and maybe you might find one odd places minus the “Chinis” Thalewalas who still make a good Chinese Bhel. Fret not, relive the crunchiness in the festival here. The Live counter serves the perfection of tanginess and crunchiness in a portion you want.

While the above choices are enough to spoil you, there are enough additional options to choose from like Bhajiyas, Samosa Chaat and more.

Street Food Festival - BhajiyasStreet Food Festival - Samosa ChaatThe whole experience starts with soups or the famous Golas, takes you to the live counter, followed by hefty options of main course with vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies like Paneer/Chicken Makkhanwala and Biryanis. The feast then ends with Masala Doodh, Desserts like Gulab Jamun, Sheera, Kulfi and more. All this priced merely at Lunch Buffet ( Rs 675+ Taxes per person) and Dinner Buffet ( Rs 825+ Taxes per person).

Where: Solitaire Restaurant – Kohinoor Continental – Andheri East
What: Street Food Festival
When: 21st to 30th June, 2017

Author: TBS Contributor

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