Suzette Creperie and Café


Did you know the word Crêpe is a French origin which means curled?

While most of them prefer having Crêpes for lunch or as an evening quick bite option, this deliciously spread makes a great afters too.

But finding a good place serving really good Crêpes is a task, right? Says who? It’s never a task when you are at Bandra, especially if you are at Pali Hill. At one small corner, close to 5 Spice is a sign-less eatery called Suzette Creperie and Café.

So how was our experience there?

Name: Make Your Own Crepe | Price: Rs. 375/- + taxes | Rating: 3.6/5


The Egg yolk rose above the Crepe like a rising sun and formed the centre. Along with it was Feta Cheese and Grilled Chicken stuffed with sundried tomatoes added to the delicious flavours. While the Crepe was topped and polished with butter, it formed a coating of sweetness. However much to the balancing act, the stuffing inside was little towards the sour side thanks to the cheese. The only missing connect was the corners which were showered with lesser fillings. Nevertheless, this dusky delicious treat is surely a great pick for an appetite.

Name: Make Your Own Crepe | Price: Rs. 480/- + Taxes | Rating: 4.3/5


Well cooked Ham, Ratatouille and Mozzarella cheese starved and stuffed is best of the ingredients one can ask for in Crepe. Freshly served vegetables accompanied the the flavours of Ham and Cheese very evidently. Keeping it simple was the trick, without adding too many fillings. So make sure you keep lesser filling while you play around the options in making your own meat Crepe. The only drawback of this was that it led to us starring at clean plate in no time.

Name: Suzette Special (Fresh Fruits + Melted Chocolate) | Price: Rs. 230/- + Taxes | Rating: 2.8/5


While the table was served with deliciousness, a plain crepe followed them to be devoured. Little did we inside the Crepe was a surprise filled stuffing of drool-worthy molten chocolate and not so appealing fresh fruits. While the Chocolate took over our salacious taste-buds, the presence of fruits like Apple in it neutralised the excitement. The best alternative could have been Strawberries. Though it wasn’t as bad as one would expect an ingredient to go wrong, it wasn’t the best a starving foodie could ask for.

So in case you wish to have a good Breakfast or not so light lunch or quick bite at Bandra, Suzette is the place you should visit.

What’s it called: Suzette Creperie and Café

Where is it located: Opposite Gold’s Gym, St John Street, Pali Hill, Bandra (west), Mumbai.

Timing: 9am- 10.30pm

Price: Rs. 800 for a meal for two.

Author: TBS Contributor

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