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When Travis’s Grand Ma bought a 1994 Dodge Ram Van, little did she know that it will turn her grandson’s life forever! An adventurer, Travis converted the van into a mobile home, enabling him to work and live on the road; touring around stunning locations, photographing Milky Way Galaxy and searching for hidden waterfalls.

1994 Dodge Ram Van

We got a chance to have a little e-talk with him while he was traveling through Belize with his girlfriend.
Read & get ready to be inspired!

TBS: What inspired you to set out and travel in your Grand Ma’s Van?

Travis: I really hope to inspire people to get out and explore their own backyard! You don’t need to plan an elaborate vacation to wind up in a beautiful and unique landscape, I constantly try to push myself to the next level and I hope that I can creatively encourage others to do the same.

TBS: How much time and money did you spend in turning around the Van perfect for your adventures?

Travis: It took about 3 months and roughly $8,000 US to personally convert the van into my dream adventure-mobile. She was more than ready to take on the back roads after a fresh coat of paint, raising the suspension, adding new wheels and renovating the interior!

TBS: 5 main photography tips for travellers?

Travis: 1: Keep a flexible schedule for unknown adventures and/or possible weather complications.

2: Travel light.

3: Always bring a tripod.

4: Locals have the best knowledge of the area.

5: Whether it’s work or vacation photography should always be something you enjoy. Get out there!

Travis Burke

TBS: Which place has been your best experience so far and why?

Travis: Overall, California! They don’t call it the Golden State for nothing. There are always so many unique places to see and within a few hours you can drive to an entirely different landscape. My very first road trip took me on an amazing adventure through the Sequoias and then over to the Coast, I was hooked! California is where I was born, raised and will always consider ‘home.’

TBS: Do you travel full-time?

Travis: Yes I do, traveling allows me to constantly shoot in diverse locations and meet up with different types of adventurers around the world. Choosing the “van life” made the most sense for me because it fits all my essentials (My surfboard, skateboard, slackline, camera gear, mountain bike, etc.) yet can still get me everywhere I want to go.


TBS: 3 places on your bucket list?

Travis: Norway, Australia, and New Zealand which I am traveling to at the end of this year!

TBS: A message to the young travelers who believe in ‘Saving for traveling’?

Travis: Don’t give up! You have to be passionate about your goal, if you stay focused and dedicated it WILL pay off. There will be obstacles, maybe even a few rough patches, but that’s what makes the adventure worthwhile.

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Article by Megha Shrimali

Author: TBS Contributor

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